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10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Wonogiri Indonesia

Wonogiri tourist attractions, purwomp.com - Wonogiri is one of the districts in Central Java. If you travel from Solo, it will take about 30-60 minutes. Wonogiri City itself is south of Solo City, Surakarta.

Wonogiri for the people of Central Java is no stranger to the ear. Wonogiri is also famous throughout Indonesia as one of the brand names of Bakso and Mie Ayam. Besides that, Wonogiri also has interesting tourism potentials to visit.

If you don't know Wonogiri Regency, please just search Google Maps for directions.

The following 10 popular tourist attractions in Wonogiri we must visit

1. Nampu Beach

Nampu Beach has very beautiful scenery for us to see, if you go to Wonogiri don't forget to visit this place. If not, it's a pity because the place is so interesting and so beautiful.

When you arrive at Nampu Beach you will be treated to the breezy breeze and the sound of the waves on the sea. Besides that, the panorama of the Nampu Beach water tourism object which is precisely located in Dringo Village, Guntur Haji Village, Parang Bukito District is very charming, beautiful and a pity to miss.

With boredom or a lot of work piled up so as to make our minds feel heavy. By visiting one of the isata objects in Wonogiri, our mind will feel refreshed.

2. Gantole Hill

Gantole Hill is a natural place of recreation that we must visit. The cool air with beautiful natural scenery is served in this place. If you are already in this place we will not feel bored and we will feel like going here again.

Also from the Mount Gantole site we can look at Wonogiri City from the top of this hill. Here also provides Paragliding facilities for visitors who have a brave spirit to try one of these extreme sports.

3. Gajah Mungkur Reservoir

If we go to Wonogiri it's not complete if we don't go to this reservoir. Gajag Mungkur Reservoir is an icon of the town of Wonogiri. Out there, this reservoir is so famous that it even reaches foreign countries.

This reservoir also deserves to be called an icon of the city of Wonogiri, because this reservoir has a beautiful view. That way the tourists if already in this place will feel comfortable.

In this Gajah Mungkur Reservoir we can enjoy a variety of processed or culinary dishes from various types of fish. We can also buy fish to take home as a souvenir from this reservoir.

4. Setren Waterfall

This waterfall tourist destination is in the village of Giri Manik, this location is so easy for us to reach. In this place we will be treated to the beauty of a waterfall which is very regrettable to see.

If you are still confused in reaching this tourist spot, you can open Google Maps by typing Girimanik Tourism. Easy access to reach tourist attractions is very pampering visitors.

5. Alas Kethu

On the base of the Kethu we can enjoy the shade of this tourist spot, because of the many trees. This natural nuanced tourist spot is located in the center of Wonogiri city. Alas Kethu was also crowned as the heart of Wonogiri City.

In this tourist attraction we will be treated to the shade of teak, mahogany and eucalyptus trees which are very broad and green. For tourists who like selfies this place is very well suited to be used as a background.

6. Jurug Kemukus

Kemukus Jurug tourist attractions are tourist attractions that are still virgin. Called a virgin because this tourist attraction is still natural there is no human intervention.

To reach the tourist attractions of this Kemukus Jurug we have to walk quite far. However, fatigue at the time of walking will disappear if it reaches its place, because in this place has a beautiful natural panorama of a waterfall.

7. Telaga Claket

At Lake Claket tourist sites have a beautiful natural panaroma and views of flowers around the lake. In this tourist spot also has a photo spot in the form of a pier that is perfect for selfie fun. For tourists who like selfies this place is perfect.

8. Cumbri Hill

This tourist spot is very popular with young people, because in this place we can enjoy themselves on the hill. To reach the Cumbri hill requires tremendous sacrifice. Because we have to walk very far to reach the hill.

9. Dadapan Beach

Dadapan Beach is a very beautiful natural tourist destination for us to visit. This tourist spot is located on the border of Wonogiri with the Special Region of Yogyakarta. In this place we will see a stretch of rocks that are neatly lined up so it is so interesting to see.

10. Goa Putri Kencana

For tourists who like adventure, this tourist spot is very appropriate to visit. Goa Putri Kencana tourist attractions located in the District of Pracimantoro offer a cave panorama that is very interesting to see. In the cave we can see the beauty of Stalactites and Stalagemites.

Thus 10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Wonogiri that can be used as a reference if you go to Wonogiri. Hopefully this post is useful for lovers or adventure tourist attractions in Indonesia.

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