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Di Sejumlah Negara Server Yahoo Down

purwomp - Para pengguna server Yahoo seperti Yahoo Massanger, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Maps, Flickr dan Yahoo Search menyayangkan akses kesana sulit dalam waktu 2 jam yang lalu.

Dari berbagai konten yang dimiliki yahoo antara lain Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Maps, Flickr dan Yahoo Search adalah yang paling banyak diakses oleh beberapa negara karena isinya kebanyakan berita. Yahoo merupakan salah satu perusahaan terbesar selain Google banyak pengguna internet yang mengakses Yahoo.

Saya selaku admin disini juga mencoba mengakses Yahoo dalam beberapa menit yang lalu ternyata memang sulit untuk masuk kesana. Hal ini seperti yang dikomentari di salah satu situs downdetector.com yang dibanjiri berbagai komentar diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut :

@golsfir @Yahoo weather your server Not working Since Morning. ? Says Technical problem.

@SiGarnett Is @SkyUK @yahoomail mail down again ???? Sky you really need to ditch Yahoo and get a much more reliable service for you customers

@stoupadave Yahoo down ,anyone else got problems

@crayollaa @ClarenceCalma07 minee too and unfortunately my email and mobile number is outdated, i can still access one of my emails but it's yahoo and yahoo is currently down so i cant access any of them !!!

@rkumarsharmark @Yahoo @YahooNews @YahooCare how much time it will take to overcome yahoo issue. Its still not working.

@debbielawsonart @YahooCare Yahoo mail still down. When will it be fixed?

@yiota0110 Is anyone facing problems with yahoo mail today ? #YahooMail #problem

@kellybaby3 @yahoomail ffs use gonna fix your server it’s all down worldwide can’t print of stuff nothing bloody hell.!!!!!!!! @yahoomail @Yahoo @YahooCare @YahooNews FIX IT.!

@_DanielRyan So @Yahoo mail is down. Last email I had was that someone was trying to access my Apple account in Edmonton, Canada. Anyone else? Are these things linked?

@DrJayFreeman Anybody else's Yahoo mail down?

@JenniferFOX25 #BREAKING: Yahoo is experiencing an outage this morning on services like email. @OKCFOX

@nasir9002 Yahoo Mail not working?

@ITCRC FYI for the three people who remain in the world who still use Yahoo for email, there is a known outage of their server(s).

@AnnieHulley @YahooCare whats happening with Yahoo Mail. Mine has been down for hours

@IamPaulMee Several users impacted as Yahoo experiences outage across Europe and India ?

@dikkii @sewviolets The whole site has been down for hours. I use Yahoo Finance a bit because frankly no one else has ever done it as well. It's down as well.

@tinaramburo Have to send important emails Yahoo mail is still down and it's frustrating! ???

@EdnaChirwa What’s happening to #YahooMail? Will the issue/error be resolved soon?@YahooCare @Yahoo

@rajnitture17 @YahooCare mail I’d not working please resolve the issue @Yahoo

@sabaone @SkyHelpTeam Good Morning, am I the only one having problems with my Yahoo mail?


@univercitytaxis Yahoo services are down worldwide so it seems. Anyone waiting on emails, feel your pain. ?

@rajnitture17 @YahooCare my mail I’d not working please resolve the issue raju.nitture@yahoo.co.in

@911Box What's happening to @Yahoo @yahoomail not working

@maggie_colledge @StineOlsenActor @mikew4EU @meejahoar @triciamayne Can't activate email yet as yahoo mail is down.

@The787Centauri YAHOO MAIL IS STILL DOWN WTF?! #YahooMail #yahoodown

@debraOhalete No good morning, no how are you? Just yahoo mail is down wtf

@CatrionaRiddel1 Major issues with BT Yahoo email today so if anyone is expecting anything from me, apologies, it will be late ?

@KELBY_sfc yahoo email problems...

@Millieme Anyone having problems with Yahoo Mail ??

@DobreClaudiufl1 @YahooCare I need help not working my Yahoo email I need contact nr to call you

@Rmehta77 @rsprasad @Yahoo @YahooCare Mail Server Down Since today morning.. Kindly solve ASAP..

@missi_jay Anybody in the twittersvere having problems receiving emails with yahoo accounts ???? @YahooCare

@luckyIamIndian @YahooCare @Yahoo since today morning yahoo email & website pages are not working, showing error, plz sort out

@bt_uk @katiegreenmodel Hi Katie, I'm very sorry you're having trouble with your emails. A number of our customers may not be able to access their email this morning. We are working with Yahoo to fix this issue, I'm sorry for any inconvenience ^StephK

@DobreClaudiufl1 Not working my Yahoo email I need contact nr to call you

@cold957 @wenders123 They're experiencing problems worldwide. @Yahoo have copied and pasted their apology.

@adsoumyanarayan @YahooCare .hello. your main site is up and running. What about yahoo mail? Please update everyone.

@laboyde @YahooCare Seems to be issue between mail app on iOS and yahoo as I can log into my mail on a browser.

@twistedsister17 Yahoo mail is down. That's why I have no emails this morning.. ? hope it hasn't been hacked!!

@Plantstacey @Yahoo is there a problem with your service today? Not been able to get emails all morning....

@ravenschild54 @yahoomail Why no explanation for Yahoo mail outage??

@marc_roots23 @YahooCare @Yahoo @YahooCare @Yahoo That seems to be your generic reply and you’ve used it so many times this morning that you probably believe it yourselves now. If the problem has been identified a fix should either already been worked out and implemented or a temp fix at least in place

@StephBelpeche Chez vous aussi @Yahoo est HS? Savez-vous ce qui se passe ? Hey @YahooCare what's happening? Yahoo is down and especially the mailbox. Please get a solution.

@omgitsleilaa Thought my email got hacked but yahoo mail is just down ffs

@MotherMRuss #Yahoo @Yahoo any news on when the problem is going to be fixed pls?

@bt_uk @kirstypayne83 A number of our customers may not be able to access their email this morning. We are working with Yahoo to fix this issue and apologise for any convenience ^StephK

@sophiebello So, my yahoo mail is down ???. What’s happening with Yahoo pls??

Sampai saat ini Yahoo belum mengeluarkan pnejlasan mengenai hal ini.

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